Khizr Khan’s travel privileges: ID of person reviewing them finally revealed

March 16, 2017:- Ten days ago Khizr Khan claimed that his “travel privileges” were being reviewed. “I have not been given any reason as to why,” he wrote, but did not say what he meant by “travel privileges,” or who was reviewing them. For my previous post on this dubious claim, click here.

Last Saturday, Attorney Khan spoke at a CAIR event in Iowa and a reporter from the Cedar Rapids Gazette asked him about his allegation:

“In an interview with The Gazette, Khan said he has heard with concern accounts of American citizens being detained at U.S. borders and made to share their phone passwords and asked about their religious beliefs, including reports from late February that Muhammad Ali Jr. and his mother were detained at a Florida airport. Asked if he had heard that he specifically would be targeted for such action or if he was concerned in general, he declined to comment.

If Attorney Khan’s claim that his “travel privileges” (whatever they are) were being reviewed by somebody who was refusing to tell him the reason, why would he decline to comment? A generalized concern based on the claims of Muhammad Ali, Jr., is one thing, but it is quite another thing to assert that your own “travel privileges” are being reviewed by someone who will not tell you why.

To digress briefly on the subject of Muhammad Ali, Jr. On February 24, Attorney Chris Mancini, who represents Mr. Ali,  claimed that on February 7 (weeks earlier) US Customs & Border Protection officials at Fort Lauderdale, Florida, repeatedly asked Mr. Ali whether he was a Muslim. Here is the voice of Attorney Mancini telling the Canadian broadcaster CBC the story. Mr. Ali confirmed Attorney Mancini’s account soon afterwards in an interview on CBS and while testifying before Congress. According to Mr. Ali’s testimony, when he stated that he was a Muslim the customs official did not believe him (0.40-0.46 on the video).

Let us pause there for a moment. A man whose first name is Muhammad and last name is Ali states that he is a Muslim, and his questioner’s response is disbelief?  If disbelief is what you are experiencing, join the club.

But getting back to Attorney Khan, when the Gazette asked about his own very specific allegation (the one he made March 6) he referred to the story about Muhammad Ali, Jr., which had gained media attention the previous weekend. When asked, again, about his own claim, he declined to comment.

STOP PRESS: My anonymous deep-state sources have divulged the identity of the person reviewing Attorney Khan’s travel privileges. In a Rachel Maddowesque scoop I can now reveal the individual’s name. It is Krentist: Krentist the Dentist.


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