Decorated combat vet hates America, says cartoonist: No threats or atrocities ensue

Congratulations to Lalo Alcaraz, creator of Vox Vickery’s inaugural Clunkily Unfunny Cartoon Award, which appears in the March 16 edition of the Daily Hampshire Gazette. Alcaraz’s cartoon consists of the words “Dear Iran, We hate the USA too” in a child-like scrawl on United State Senate letterhead, signed Tom Cotton and David Perdue.  Senators Cotton and Perdue are the first two signatories of the letter to the government of the Islamic Republic of Iran that points out that any nuclear-weapons-enabling agreement President Obama enters into with Iran will be one that the next President can revoke should s/he so choose.

For those who failed to receive and absorb the Obama administration’s message via other media, the cartoon will convey the news that the 47 elected members of the United States Senate who signed the letter to the misogynistic homophobic theocrats in Tehran are not merely the President’s political opponents but traitors who hate our country.

Does Senator Tom Cotton hate America? I cannot see into the man’s heart, of course, but judging by the decorations he earned over the course of his combat tours in Afghanistan as an officer in the 101st Airborne, I suspect he holds his country in high regard. But I could be wrong, and for all I know the brass hats in the Pentagon may be handing out Bronze Stars like candy nowadays to all and sundry, including people who hate America.

Sen. Tom Cotton: finally outed as a Hater of America

Mr. Alcaraz may not have put his life on the line, but he knows how to fight back against the forces of Islamic supremacism. When he learned of the murder of the Charlie Hebdo cartoonists by Islamist terrorists, Mr. Alcaraz was quick to respond. Apparently “overcome with outrage,” he drew a cartoon of a black-clad jihadi fleeing a swarm of pen nibs.  It went viral, I gather. But much as he supports free speech, he does not personally “feel the need” to draw Muhammad. Why? Because he respects Muslim religion and culture. Nothing to do with cranial-amputation anxiety, of course.

When not creating sledgehammer-subtle illustrations in the service of the Obama administration, Mr. Alcaraz rewrites the history of the United States so as to make clear what a wretched tale of oppression it is, draws the La Curacha comic-strip for the Los Angeles Times, and works as a “consulting producer” on Seth MacFarlane’s forthcoming Bordertown, an alleged comedy show coming to Fox all too soon. He must have an increasingly busy schedule. Let us hope he still has time to produce presidential propaganda so as to be in with a shot at next week’s Clunkily Unfunny Cartoon Award.


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