Eviction sealing: fair or unfair?

August 31, 2019:- We quickly going from a culture of “you can’t say that” to “you can’t see that.” Some “advocates” want to keep Housing Court cases secret because the records affect their ability to find new housing. But what about the public’s right to see court records? For the podcast click here.

Crossfire Hurricane, fake news, and fake people

May 16, 2019:-  As investigations into the origins and objectives of Crossfire Hurricane expand, one aspect of the operation continues to intrigue (forgive the double entendre), namely the extent to which certain assertions about disinformation are  disinformation. One document in particular piqued my interest, namely The Tactics and Tropes of the Internet Research Agency: The […]

Election rejection

November 10, 2018:-  Unless there is a stray Amherst ballot-box or two lurking in a broom-closet somewhere in Broward County, Florida, brim-full of Vickery votes, I am not going to become a Town Councillor.* Such is life. I am grateful to the people who voted for me, and very grateful to those who put out […]